Thanks for those who attended WNB #80. Special guest EMP FNEX RG| K-Brad was in attendance Wednesday so shout outs to him for showing support to our fighting game community. People like him and the real die hard players who attend week after week is what keeps the TO’s of Wednesday Night Brawls to not get discouraged from low turnouts; and continue to run these tournaments every Wednesday. Again, thanks to you guys!!! Here are the results:

WNB #80 Results:

SSF4AE: 2012
1 FNEX| EMP| K-Brad
2 Engravings
3 FNEX| EMP| Xaiah
4 FNEX EMP BasicComplex
5 Brawls| Pimpmuffin
5 Brawls| MX Mad
7 RedMage
7 THRiVE| Will Richards

1 Kresent
2 FNEX| EMP| K-Brad
3 FNEX EMP Konfucious
4 THRiVE| Will Richards
5 Coon-li
5 FNEX| EMP| Xaiah
7 Havoc
7 FNEX| EMP| OniJamal
9 Brawls| MX Mad
9 LovinDudes69
9 Mobius
9 FNEX EMP BasicComplex

1 Saisyu Kusanagi
2 David Miller
3 FNEX| EMP| Xaiah
4 RedMage
5 Omega Terry
5 Brawls| MX Mad
7 El Cero Dos