Thanks for everyone who came out. Shout outs to David-Paul Michael Mattock aka Jibbo and Kevin Michaels for showing up out of the blue lol. You guys are awesome! If we don’t see you again before TFC I’ll speak for everyone when i say we wish you the best of luck in SFxT! Also, sorry guys, no Marvel results. No love for the game apparently. Thanks again to our participants, and hope to see you guys out for WNB: AE next week.

Wednesday Night Brawls #78 Results:

SSF4AE 2012

1 Shotty
2 PacStrife
3 TH Pimpmuffin
4 FNEX| EMP| Xaiah
5 Brawls| MX Mad
5 Fawkes
7 FNEX EMP BasicComplex
7 Kevin Michaels


1 CommonSense
2 Frank the Tank
3 PacStrife
4 David Miller
5 Jin
5 FNEX| EMP| Xaiah
7 Brawls| MX Mad
7 L4
9 El Cero Dos
9 RedMage
9 Will Richards


1 Tah.
2 Lucas
3 Yeroc
4 Lenny
5 Zack
5 Dylan