About Tierless Heroes Staff.

Tierless Heroes is composed by a group of individuals each with very unique skills that work together in harmony as a team.  All of them share the same passion and love for the games, community,  and focus on the same goal; to bring the best of the fighting game entertainment both digital and social to the players of Raleigh North Carolina and the nearby areas.  With five members on board, Tierless Heroes has manage to grow and become the central piece of the local fighting game community of Raleigh, NC.


Fco-James Garcia (MX Madskizophrenik)

  • Graphic & Web Designer
  • Content Producer
  • Video Archive Editor & Manager
  • Social Network Manager
  • Event & Tournament Director

Isaiah Coley (Xaiah)

  • Event Organizer
  • Seeding Coordinator
  • Stream Technician

Tyrell Morris (Basic_Complex)

  • Photographer
  • Video Journalist