WNB Episode 31 Results!

Wednesday Night Brawls Episode 31 was as good as ever!!!  Thanks to everyone that week after week keep coming to support the hottest fighting game local scene in Raleigh.  Shoutouts to everyone that helped out so that the tourney ran as quickly and smooth as possible specially to Marc Prieto (Havoc), Jon Slayton, and William “OJ” White…we really appreciate your help.  A well deserved mention goes out to Aaron “FR Roach King” Chestnut (and company) for making the trip to WNB all the way from Atlanta Georgia as well as your very own Rockem Sockem’s Tactiks who also showed up with the Charlotte crew…it was a pleasure to have you guys, you are always welcome back! Continue reading


WNB Episode 30 Results!

WNB Episode 30 was yet another great event in which the new game Persona 4 Arena was the highlight of the night, it was a total blast to see everyone playing on equal grounds given the fact that the game was one day old.  Special thanks go out to those players that came from out of town with the crazy weather and all, we are glad you all made it to the tournament and back home safe.  With that being said lets get to the results, congratulations to the winners!!! Continue reading


WNB Episode 30 is here!

Wednesday Night Brawls Episode 30 is here!
With the release of Persona 4 Arena, WNB will have a small tournament for those who are interested in the game.  It will be a $2.00 winner takes all and will begin at the end of the other tournaments (or sooner depending on bracket size) if we have enough time of course.  For more info about the WNB tournaments go to the Events link at the top of this page or click on this link.

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