Here are your #THCCR Carolina Clash Rebirth Episode 5 Winners!
Street Fighter V: 23 Entrants
1st: PAR BlackGazeebo
2nd: NYC SeanWhy
3rd: CommonSense
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Injustce 2: 21 Entrants
1st: LAVG Frantastic
2nd: GOH-BlueMVP
3rd: GOH-Tra101
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Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev.2: 16 Entrants
1st: Kami
2nd: PWS
3rd: Trippinhobbit
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UMVC3: 9 Entrants
1st: NYC SeanWhy
2nd: Red Panda Conrizzle
3rd: Vampire Shogun
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Pokken: 8 Entrants
1st: FZG Nightdazer
2nd: Captain Sandbag
3rd: JawzInUrJimmies
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3rd Strike: 8 Entrants
1st: LAVG Frantastic
2nd: CommonSense
3rd: TestamentLOL
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KOF XIV Free Entry Special Event: 12 Entrants
1st: PAG VicViper
2nd: BasedWaffle (TrippinHobbit)
3rd: Basic_Complex
Full Results:

Congratulations to the winners!