Carolina Clash Rebirth 2018 Event Calendar
(Dates Are Subject to Change)

January 6th
February 10th
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 9th
July 21st
August 11th
September 8th
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October 13th
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November 3rd
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December 1st
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Hosted at:
East Coast Gaming
Magic The Gathering & Board Games
218 Nottingham Drive
Cary, North Carolina
Click Here For Directions
Facebook Page: Follow Us Here!
Official Web Site: (ECG) East Coast Gaming

Esports Fighting Game Tournament Details:
(Venue Fee can be paid with Cash or Credit/Debit card, Tournament Entry Fee MUST BE PAID IN CASH ONLY)

Registration: 2:00PM
Tourney Start: 3:30PM
Tourney End: 11:00PM
Venue Fee: $10
Game Entry Fee: $5
Spectator Fee: $5
1st Place: 65%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 10%

  • Registration starts at 2:00pm and will remain open until 10 minutes prior the start of each game.
  • We do not provide controllers or fight-sticks for players, these are BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER events.
  • All games are ran in their standard tournament rules.
  • All Pool Matches are best 2 out of 3.
  • Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5.

Fighting Games Featured
(Game Lineup is subject to change depending on the game’s popular demand. Be sure to check the event calendar and Facebook event pages for more details on upcoming month’s schedules and game lineups.)

-BlazBlue: Central Fiction (PS4)
-BlazBlue Tag Battle (PS4)
-Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)
-GG Xrd: Revelator (PS4)
-Injustce 2 (PS4)
-Killer Instinct (Xbox One)
-King of Fighters XIV (PS4)
-Marvel VS Cacom Infinite (PS4)
-Pokken Tournament DX (Switch)
-Street Fighter V (PS4)
-Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (PS4)
-Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo (PS4)
-Tekken 7 (PS4)
-Super Mario Tennis: Aces (Switch)
-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)
-Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS4)
-Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)
-Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [ST] (PS4)

Community Support
We Encourage the Community to Support Your Local Tournaments! Do you want to help? Here is how:

Casual Setups
People can bring consoles to play whatever games they want on them, current or legacy titles are allowed at the venue so long as there are two or more people playing. If there is no interest in a game we will remove that setup from the floor and make space for a game title that people are interested and or willing to play.

Tournament Setups
We have open spots for people to bring setups that can be used for tournament play, if you bring a full setup (Console with games and a lag-less monitor) for tournament, your venue fee will be waived. Setups brought for a game tournament will have to remain active until the said game tournament is over. We post how many setups we will need on the Facebook Event Pages listed on the Carolina Clash Rebirth event calendar. Please let us know in advance through the Event Pages that you are planning to bring a setup.

We have limited space at the venue so first come first served!

Additional Tournament Lineup Game
You play a game that has a following and you think it needs to be featured at Carolina Clash Rebirth? Sure thing! We welcome all games!

In order for a game to be suggested to be featured on the game lineup, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a player responsible for running said game tournament/bracket
  • 1 or 2 setups with the game and its DLC if applicable (console and lag-less monitor)
  • Have at least an 8 man bracket
  • A consistent player attendance

If the game you are suggesting meets the above requirements, it will be considered to be part of the tournament lineup game list. Please send your suggestion by Email which can be found on the Contact Us link on this web site.

Venue fees will be waived for people providing setups for tournament.

All the footage, graphics, photographs, and logos are property of Tierless Heroes and Carolina Clash Rebirth Fighting Game Tournament All Rights Reserved. By attending our event you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of using any images and footage for promotional and entertainment purposes.

Fighting Game Characters and Franchises belong to their respective Gaming Developers.

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