Tierless Heroes (TH)

Tierless Heroes is a nonprofit organization that combines elements from today’s digital media, gaming, and social events to provide the best ESPORTS competitive environment catered to the fighting game enthusiasts of Raleigh North Carolina and the nearby areas.  Providing services such as tournament organizing, event planning, and video streaming/archiving; Tierless Heroes has become the central part of Raleigh’s local fighting game community.

Our Services

Tierless Heroes was founded by Fco-James Garcia (MX Madskizophrenik), a member of the fighting game community who grew up in golden days of the arcades and whose love and passion for fighting games led him to document, photograph, and advertise the few tournaments that were being hosted by the local businesses Edward McKay Used Books and GameStop.  The amount of interest in fighting games led to the creation of a Facebook group under the name of “Fighter’s Generation” which was later changed to Tierless Heroes to avoid copyright issues.
Initially the group’s purpose was to advertise the upcoming fighting game tournaments but as the number of players increased and the local tournaments began to disappear, it was obvious that the Fighting Game Community (FGC) of Raleigh needed a tournament series that they could call their own.

Wednesday Night Brawls (WNB)
Inspired by the fighting game tournament standard, EVO, and by FGC media providers like Level Up Series, Team Spooky, and iPlayWinner, three fighting game enthusiasts sought out to expand the local scene in Raleigh, North Carolina. On November 2011, Fco-James Garcia (MX Madskizophrenik), Isaiah Coley (Xaiah), and Jamal Person (Da Voice) joined efforts to create Wednesday Night Brawls Fighting Game Tournament Series which debuted at Champps Americana Sports Bar on January 11th, 2012. An event which was co-created/co-founded by passionate individuals who put their ideas, resources, tournament knowledge/experience, and skills together with the purpose of bringing a legitimate and competitive atmosphere for fighting game enthusiasts. WNB was well received by both the local and outer city attendees and was the longest weekly tournament series in Raleigh, NC.

TH’s Wednesday Night Brawls Was sponsored by Champps Americana Sports Bar and brought the best entertainment for the local fighting game community from January 2012 to January 2014. The weekly tournament series ended after their 85th Episode due to the venue closing its doors to the public.

Carolina Clash Rebirth (#THCCR)
With the success of Tierless Heroes’ Wednesday Night Brawls weekly tournament series, out of state players began to show interest in attending these competitive events. In response to the growing attendance, Tierless Heroes created a monthly based tournament, this event was also hosted to give out of state players the opportunity to attend RDU’s tournament series.

Carolina Clash Rebirth is a community-hosted-event where several FGC community leaders join their resources and experience in order to bring the most competitive ESPORTS tournament in North Carolina. Featuring both classic and modern games as well as both beginner and advance players, #THCCR has become the most consistent tournament series where any fighting game enthusiast would have a good time. Whether they attend to learn about the games and polish their skills or to defend their title and their city’s pride, competitors gather each month to duke it out for supremacy.

Follow THIS LINK to find more information about Carolina Clash Rebirth and the upcoming tournament dates.

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